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Tips for a Comfortable Staycation with Children

Tips for a Comfortable Staycation with Children – In filling vacation time, many people spend their time on vacation. On vacation, you will definitely take your children to go on vacation with you. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Here are the tips

Tips for a Comfortable Staycation with Children

1. Choosing a Strategic Location

When deciding to take a staycation with children, make sure you choose a strategic hotel location. You can choose a hotel that is close to the city center or tourist attractions.
This is so that you don’t have trouble if there is something urgent, such as buying emergency needs for children. In addition, hotels that are close to tourist attractions will also make it easier for you to travel without the need for traffic jams.
Some tourist attractions that you can choose and are child-friendly, one of which is in Bogor. The Rain City is indeed known as a destination that offers many child-friendly tourist attractions, such as Taman Safari Indonesia, Taman Wisata Matahari, Bogor Botanical Gardens, to the Museum of Zoology.

2. Choose a Hotel that Provides Children’s Facilities

Next, you can choose a hotel that specifically provides children’s facilities. This is important so that children feel at home in the hotel and can play, without having to go far to keep their distance from other people.
Currently, there are many hotels that provide child-friendly facilities. For example, presenting a tent in the room for families staying with their children. So, no need to leave the hotel, you can already feel camping in the room.
Then, there is also a hotel that presents a mini zoo for guests who bring their children to stay. In this mini zoo, you can usually see several animals, such as birds, donkeys, and rabbit gardens.

3. Get Children Involved in Planning

The next tip is that you can invite your children to plan vacation activities together. Involve them in the activities they want to do during the staycation so that the children are more excited.
For example, ask them what they want to do when they arrive at the hotel or what tourist destinations around the hotel they want to visit. You can also ask what items they will bring during the staycation later and involve the children in preparing the items they need.

One of the child-friendly destinations that can be a family choice is Bandung. In this Flower City, there are many family tourist destinations that can be visited, such as De Ranch Lembang, Boscha Observatory, to Ciwidey Rabbit Park.
But remember, during a staycation or visiting tourist attractions, don’t forget to always apply health protocols, yes, such as diligently washing hands with soap, wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizers, maintaining distance, and checking body temperature.

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4. Doing Activities You’ve Never Done

Think of a staycation like a real vacation and do the things you usually do when on vacation to a faraway place. This is useful for relieving fatigue and increasing closeness with children.
You can spend time relaxing by the pool or walking around the hotel to enjoy a different atmosphere. You can also choose a hotel that offers programs for children and families, such as playing in outbound facilities, learning gardening or making crafts together.