Look at the lottery numbers before exiting

Look at the lottery numbers before exiting – Some people argue that seeing a future that hasn’t happened doesn’t make sense, but the knowledge of translating to the lottery through dreams is real and has been proven because the dream of getting the 4-digit lottery has happened several times.

Look at the lottery numbers before exiting

There are also those who use dhikr through the lottery to play lottery gambling as well as interpretation of dream books or lottery dream reading. There is no need to go to a sacred place, it is enough to learn the method of lottery ritual at home with the directions that have been learned or will be learned.

That way you can also learn 4d lottery spells as well or it could be wazifa through the lottery, which later on you can also know the meaning of the dream of going through the buku mimpi 2d 4d lottery without using the help of a dream book or other interpretation.

Now, what I will discuss and share with you is how to get profit and also how to learn the science of lottery numbers with or without help from other people, which is easy and accurate.

How To Get Profits And Learn To Clarify In 3 Ways

These three ways can see or wander about anything and also include lottery gambling which is always played.

1. Seeing With The Third Eye

The meaning of seeing with the third eye which is in the middle of the forehead

Seeing unseen with the third eye chakra is seeing unseen by utilizing the magical abilities of the energy chakra that is on the forehead, between the 2 eyebrows (third eye).

What many people don’t realize is that when a person sees the unseen with this third eye chakra, the spirit of his papatis moves out of his body (the movement is involuntary and unconscious).

2. The Spirit of Sedulur Papat

If it is used to see far away, then the spirit of its papatis will come out of the body to the target object that it wants to see, then send its image to its spirit in the body (consciousness / mind) through the energy pathway of the third eye chakra.

So, the one who sees the unseen is his papat long, when a person is looking at the unseen, the spirit of his papat moves out of his body to approach the object he wants to see and then sends the image of his vision to the soul in the body (spirit pancer) through the communication line of the third eye energy chakra. .

3. Sedulur Papat Communication

The key to the ability to see the unseen with the third eye is the strong bond and communication between the sedulur papat that is outside the body and the soul in the body, through the communication line of the third eye energy chakra.

Actually it is not correct to call this ability unseen seeing with the third eye chakra, because the one who sees unseen is his soul (sedulur papat and his pancer), not the third eye chakra, so one cannot have this ability just by opening the third eye chakra.


Actually it is very easy to see the lottery numbers before coming out, only because this is a primbon so it is rarely used by people.

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