Items in the Hotel that You Can Take Home

Items in the Hotel that You Can Take Home – Every time we stay at a hotel, of course we are given several facilities. The facilities provided by the hotel usually include toiletries, eating utensils and others. But did you know that there are items in the hotel that can be brought home? Here are the items you can take home

1. Comfortable hotel slippers
Compared to the items in a hotel room, slippers seem to be the items that visitors often take home. The hotel does provide two pairs of sandals that you can use, either inside or outside the hotel. If you want to take it home as a keepsake, you can take it for free. Most hotel slippers are made with comfortable materials so they are suitable for home slippers.

2. Shampoo, soap and shower cap

Both star hotels or guest houses generally provide facilities in the form of toiletries consisting of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a disposable shower cap. Some hotels provide soap and shampoo in a special dispenser for liquid soap, but some hotels actually provide soap and shampoo in small, travel-friendly packages. Well, this amenities package is usually taken home by hotel guests.

3. Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash

Some star hotels always provide toothbrushes and toothpaste. In fact, sometimes you can also find mouthwash or desserts that are also provided. These toothbrushes and toothpaste will be disposed of by hotel staff after visitors check out. If you still have to travel again, bringing a brush and toothpaste from your hotel room will certainly be very useful.

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4. Mineral water, tea and coffee sachets

The next item that you can bring from your hotel room is mineral water, tea, and coffee sachets which are usually provided with some fruit on the hotel room table. If you don’t want to drink it at that time, you can take it home to enjoy at home. Besides tea and coffee, there are also sugar and creamer sachets that you can also take home with you.

5. Sewing tools

Not all hotels provide amenities in the form of sewing tools. However, even if they are provided, the sewing tools that you can get for free consist of a spool of thread, a needle, and a few buttons packaged in one small package. Usually placed in the sink next to the brush and toothpaste.

6. Socks

Not only sandals, some hotels apparently also provide socks that you can also take home for free. Usually, socks are stored in a place that cannot be seen with the naked eye, for example in a cupboard or in a hotel room desk drawer.

7. Pens and notes

The last items you can take home from your hotel room are pens and notes. These two items have been very often brought home by visitors, especially those who are on business trips. Usually, you can find pens and notes in a hotel room desk drawer.

These items are apparently all used as promotional media by the hotel. Because the pens and notes provided have been designed with the logo and name of the hotel so that more people will recognize the hotel through the pencils and notes you bring.