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Recommended Nice Villa in Bromo

Recommended Nice Villa in Bromo – When we are visiting a place or a city with the aim of staying, we will definitely order a house to be able to stay comfortably. Mount Bromo has always been a destination for travelers to enjoy its natural charm. There are those who want to see the sun rise, to Teletubbies Hill, or to the Sandy Sands. Eits, but there are also those who visit Bromo just for a staycation and enjoy the atmosphere. The cool air feels like it can relieve fatigue. If you are planning a staycation with your family there, here are some recommendations for villas in the Bromo area that you can choose from.

Recommended Nice Villa in Bromo

1. Bromo House Villa
Like your own home, you will feel comfortable staying at Villa Rumah Bromo. Moreover, it looks like housing. There are several houses for rent. Can be adapted to your needs, there are villas with two bedrooms and three bedrooms.

Facilities include WiFi, family room, bathroom, and parking area. The price starts from Rp. 1 million. Very suitable for family vacations or office events, here!

2. Villa Kitchen Tengger
You can feel the cool air at the Kitchen Tengger Villa. The atmosphere is quite homey. There is a car park and WiFi too.

Quite affordable, Villa Dapur Tengger is priced at only IDR 400 thousand for a family-only Family Room. Of course, it is different from the Deluxe Room which costs Rp. 200 thousand.

3. Bromo Ecolodge
Bromo Ecolodge can be your choice of place to stay. Unique, the place is made of modified containers, you know. However, the bedroom is equipped with an en suite bathroom with warm water.

The facilities are quite complete, there is WiFi, restaurants, TV rooms, parking lots, jeep rentals, guides, and shuttle routes for Malang/Surabaya-Bromo. The view is also great, the price is from IDR 220 thousand per night.

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4. Bromo Camp House
The yard is wide, Bromo Camp House is really suitable for a group of family or colleagues to visit. The shape of the building is also unique, you can take as many photos as you like here.

In addition to being child-friendly, the facilities are also complete. There is free breakfast, parking, bathroom, and a terrace that directly faces the garden. The price is around IDR 500 thousand per night.

5. Villa Omah Kayu Bromo
Quite close, Omah Kayu Bromo is only about nine kilometers to Mount Bromo. As the name implies, all the buildings have a very warm wood nuance.

The scenery is beautiful, the villa is surrounded by pine forests and the surrounding community gardens. The facilities are also quite complete, there is parking, kitchen, TV, WiFi, and bathroom.

Exciting Glamping Staycation in Jogja

Exciting Glamping Staycation in Jogja – In filling vacation time, many people spend time on staycations with family. But different from the usual stay, you can also try to stay overnight like you are camping. Jogja has recommendations for the best campsites that you can visit. The area nicknamed the Student City is often a destination for tourists because it has a variety of attractive leading tourist destinations. Starting from nature tourism, cultural tourism, culinary, everything is available here.

To enjoy a more interesting and memorable vacation in Yogyakarta, you can certainly try glamping. The following are glamping recommendations in Yogyakarta

Exciting Glamping Staycation in Jogja

Jogja Camper Van

If you want to enjoy a more unique glamping sensation, then you can try staying overnight at the Jogja Camper Van to spend the weekend. Not in a tent, but enjoying the atmosphere of camping in a car.

In contrast to cars in general, Jogja Camper Van will rent a van with complete facilities of course. In addition, you can also choose the desired camping location, such as in the beautiful mountains, or enjoy the serene atmosphere of Jogja Beach.

Sermo Reservoir

In this reservoir, travelers can travel while enjoying the natural beauty of the Manoreh hills while renting a boat to explore the lake. Of course, in this Sermo Reservoir, tourists can do comfortable camping activities.

This reservoir is flanked by two hills and is still surrounded by green trees. Here there is also a nature reserve or forest tourism which makes it look cooler. The beauty of this reservoir can be enjoyed when you visit Sermo Lor, Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulon Progo.

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Nira Camper Village

This place is one of the unique glamping spots because the tent where you stay is in the form of a bubble. The location is in Wukirsari, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta

The scenery offered by Nira Camper Village is also very interesting. Once night falls, you can enjoy the view of the open sky filled with stars in a bubble tent. For facilities, there is no doubt, there is air conditioning (AC), TV, swimming pool and bicycles for those of you who like to ride.

Glamping Mangunan

Located in the Thousand Stone Songgo Langit tourist spot, Jalan Pinus Nganjir Forest, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta Glamping Mangunan offers a glamping experience with a very comfortable natural atmosphere.

Here, you will be presented with a fresh and healthy pine forest atmosphere. Glamping Mangunan is equipped with excellent facilities including mattresses, TVs, sofas, wardrobes, and even a variety of food and drinks for breakfast.

Tips for a Comfortable Staycation with Children

Tips for a Comfortable Staycation with Children – In filling vacation time, many people spend their time on vacation. On vacation, you will definitely take your children to go on vacation with you. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Here are the tips

Tips for a Comfortable Staycation with Children

1. Choosing a Strategic Location

When deciding to take a staycation with children, make sure you choose a strategic hotel location. You can choose a hotel that is close to the city center or tourist attractions.
This is so that you don’t have trouble if there is something urgent, such as buying emergency needs for children. In addition, hotels that are close to tourist attractions will also make it easier for you to travel without the need for traffic jams.
Some tourist attractions that you can choose and are child-friendly, one of which is in Bogor. The Rain City is indeed known as a destination that offers many child-friendly tourist attractions, such as Taman Safari Indonesia, Taman Wisata Matahari, Bogor Botanical Gardens, to the Museum of Zoology.

2. Choose a Hotel that Provides Children’s Facilities

Next, you can choose a hotel that specifically provides children’s facilities. This is important so that children feel at home in the hotel and can play, without having to go far to keep their distance from other people.
Currently, there are many hotels that provide child-friendly facilities. For example, presenting a tent in the room for families staying with their children. So, no need to leave the hotel, you can already feel camping in the room.
Then, there is also a hotel that presents a mini zoo for guests who bring their children to stay. In this mini zoo, you can usually see several animals, such as birds, donkeys, and rabbit gardens.

3. Get Children Involved in Planning

The next tip is that you can invite your children to plan vacation activities together. Involve them in the activities they want to do during the staycation so that the children are more excited.
For example, ask them what they want to do when they arrive at the hotel or what tourist destinations around the hotel they want to visit. You can also ask what items they will bring during the staycation later and involve the children in preparing the items they need.

One of the child-friendly destinations that can be a family choice is Bandung. In this Flower City, there are many family tourist destinations that can be visited, such as De Ranch Lembang, Boscha Observatory, to Ciwidey Rabbit Park.
But remember, during a staycation or visiting tourist attractions, don’t forget to always apply health protocols, yes, such as diligently washing hands with soap, wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizers, maintaining distance, and checking body temperature.

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4. Doing Activities You’ve Never Done

Think of a staycation like a real vacation and do the things you usually do when on vacation to a faraway place. This is useful for relieving fatigue and increasing closeness with children.
You can spend time relaxing by the pool or walking around the hotel to enjoy a different atmosphere. You can also choose a hotel that offers programs for children and families, such as playing in outbound facilities, learning gardening or making crafts together.

Items in the Hotel that You Can Take Home

Items in the Hotel that You Can Take Home – Every time we stay at a hotel, of course we are given several facilities. The facilities provided by the hotel usually include toiletries, eating utensils and others. But did you know that there are items in the hotel that can be brought home? Here are the items you can take home

1. Comfortable hotel slippers
Compared to the items in a hotel room, slippers seem to be the items that visitors often take home. The hotel does provide two pairs of sandals that you can use, either inside or outside the hotel. If you want to take it home as a keepsake, you can take it for free. Most hotel slippers are made with comfortable materials so they are suitable for home slippers.

2. Shampoo, soap and shower cap

Both star hotels or guest houses generally provide facilities in the form of toiletries consisting of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a disposable shower cap. Some hotels provide soap and shampoo in a special dispenser for liquid soap, but some hotels actually provide soap and shampoo in small, travel-friendly packages. Well, this amenities package is usually taken home by hotel guests.

3. Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash

Some star hotels always provide toothbrushes and toothpaste. In fact, sometimes you can also find mouthwash or desserts that are also provided. These toothbrushes and toothpaste will be disposed of by hotel staff after visitors check out. If you still have to travel again, bringing a brush and toothpaste from your hotel room will certainly be very useful.

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4. Mineral water, tea and coffee sachets

The next item that you can bring from your hotel room is mineral water, tea, and coffee sachets which are usually provided with some fruit on the hotel room table. If you don’t want to drink it at that time, you can take it home to enjoy at home. Besides tea and coffee, there are also sugar and creamer sachets that you can also take home with you.

5. Sewing tools

Not all hotels provide amenities in the form of sewing tools. However, even if they are provided, the sewing tools that you can get for free consist of a spool of thread, a needle, and a few buttons packaged in one small package. Usually placed in the sink next to the brush and toothpaste.

6. Socks

Not only sandals, some hotels apparently also provide socks that you can also take home for free. Usually, socks are stored in a place that cannot be seen with the naked eye, for example in a cupboard or in a hotel room desk drawer.

7. Pens and notes

The last items you can take home from your hotel room are pens and notes. These two items have been very often brought home by visitors, especially those who are on business trips. Usually, you can find pens and notes in a hotel room desk drawer.

These items are apparently all used as promotional media by the hotel. Because the pens and notes provided have been designed with the logo and name of the hotel so that more people will recognize the hotel through the pencils and notes you bring.

Recommended Viral Villas on Tiktok

Recommended Viral Villas on Tiktok – Many holidays make us bored at home, sometimes for you to vacation with loved ones. When we are looking at the Tiktok application, and accidentally we see people who are recommending an inn. It must have crossed your mind to be able to vacation there too. Here are the villa lodging recommendations that are currently viral on Tiktok

Posto Dormire hotel
This cheap aesthetic hotel in Jakarta has industrial interior designs in every room. The uniqueness of this hotel is its transparent swimming pool. Transparent? Yes, so this swimming pool can be seen from the lobby. The glass bottom of the swimming pool blends in with the roof of the main lobby. Another uniqueness of this hotel is the unusual breakfast menu, free flow indomie! Yes, you can eat as much Indomie as you want. Indomie friends, you will definitely feel at home for a staycation here. It’s very rare for a hotel to provide Indomie on the breakfast menu. Not only that, this hotel also has a rooftop cafe with a ship theme. You can hang out while enjoying the view of the city of Jakarta from above.

Price: IDR 350 thousand per night
Location: Jl. Dr. Susilo Raya No. 3, Grogol, West Jakarta

Gandaria Heights Apartment
Another recommendation is Gandaria Heights Apartment. Not only does it offer a super strategic location, this apartment also provides exclusive facilities. The units in the Gandaria Heights apartment are widely known. One of them is occupied by @zoellekarlie. The apartment unit has 2 floors with 3 spacious bedrooms. The master bedroom also has a private bathroom with a bathtub. Another cool thing about this apartment is the living room with high ceilings and luxurious decorative lights. If you are bored in your room, it’s time for you to explore the building facilities. You can use the gym facilities for exercise. In addition, the swimming pool is also very spacious. This infinity pool concept pool is on the top floor. You can really enjoy the view of the city from above while swimming. Gandaria Heights Apartment is also only a few steps from Gandaria City Mall. Very satisfied for sure if you staycation here!

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Price: IDR 699,999 per night
Location: Jl. KH. M. Syafi’i Hadzami, North Gandaria, Kebayoran Lama

Raffles Hotel
This 5-star hotel was viral on tiktok because it was reviewed by @amritsaraje. So far, the video has been viewed 4.6 million times and got 700 thousand likes, wow! How cool is this hotel? This hotel bathroom is famous for being really cool. There is a bath tub overlooking the city buildings. The bathroom window is also automatic. You can go up and down with just a button. Not only that, there are speakers that connect to the TV in the room. Your karaoke session when you shower is really next level. The bedroom is also no less cool. 1 king size bed can make you super comfortable while sleeping. If you’re bored in your room, you can swim, go to the gym or even play tennis.

Price: IDR 2.2 million per night
Location: Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.1, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta

Unique Resort in Jogja Suitable For Staycation

Unique Resort in Jogja Suitable For Staycation – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here is an article that discusses unique resorts in Jogja that are suitable for staycations.

Approaching the long holiday, many people are faced with a dilemma feeling to spend vacation time to various tourist attractions. To fill the time at the end of the year, many of them finally discouraged from traveling and chose a staycation as an alternative to a vacation with their family or partner.

For those of you who don’t have year-end vacation plans, there’s nothing wrong with looking for some places to stay for a staycation in your city. You can use a different atmosphere and various facilities offered to spend time with the closest people at the end of this year.

1. The Westlake Resort

The Westlake Resort is a place of lodging as well as a restaurant which is also a favorite tourist destination for many people. Located on the ring road west of Jogja, the location of this resort is easily accessible and not far from urban areas.

The Westlake Resort provides 7 room options and some of them have views that directly face the lake. The interior of this resort is dominated by a combination of wood and artificial which makes it feel elegant and soothing to the eye.

Various other facilities can also be used by visitors who stay, such as a swimming pool, spa, jogging and cycling areas and a pool that contains various kinds of fish for fishing.

2. Queen of the South Resort

For those of you who want to spend the night enjoying the beach view, Queen of the South Resort is the right choice for you to stay. Located in the Parangtritis Beach area, this inn offers beautiful views of the beach which is also located on the edge of a cliff.

Located about 30 km from the city center, Queen of the South Resort provides as many as 60 room options for visitors. All rooms are equipped with various facilities such as TV, air conditioning, mini bar, and also direct access to the beach area. Apart from enjoying the lodging facilities, visitors can also do various exciting activities in the beach area such as volleyball, water skiing, and many more.

3. Sambi Resort

Sambi Resort is an accommodation place that has a traditional and natural concept. The resort, which also provides spa facilities, is surrounded by rice fields, which certainly adds to the beautiful and calm atmosphere in the area.

The unique thing about this inn is that visitors can interact with farmers and see first hand the process of planting or harvesting rice in the fields. Not only has the main room, this resort which is located in Kaliurang also provides traditional cottages made of bamboo.

Having beautiful views and a calm atmosphere, this resort is suitable for you to make a staycation either with your family or together with your partner.

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4. The Cangkringan Resort and Spa

This resort, which is located in the Mount Merapi area, not only offers rooms to stay in, but also has various types of rooms and villas with varying price ranges. There are room types available for group guests, families, to rooms specially designed for couples.

Apart from staying overnight, visitors can also travel to several other places in the vicinity such as the Merapi Museum and the Merapi Golf Club. This resort also offers various facilities that can be used, such as meeting rooms, children’s swimming pools, shared and private pools, gardens, and car or bicycle rentals.

5. Sumberwatu Heritage Resort

Sumberwatu Heritage Resort is an inn located in a hilly area in the Prambanan area. Not only a hotel, this inn also provides a private villa containing 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, garden and gazebo.

The distinctive feature of this inn is the use of batik patterns in the room decorations such as kawung batik on the room walls and batik with broken machete patterns found in the villa building. Sumberwatu Heritage Resort also provides a honeymoon package for couples who want to stay overnight. This inn with the main view of Prambanan temple is also a favorite place for many people to hold various events such as gatherings or weddings.

Plan an Out-of-Home Staycation For Children’s Happiness


Plan an Out-of-Home Staycation For Children’s Happiness – The thought of summer vacation may conjure up images of sandy white beaches or snow-covered ski trails, but not every school break can be filled with exciting travels. Wish as we may, some vacations will inevitably be spent at home—especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

But staying at home doesn’t have to mean sitting in the house and watching the hours tick by! Below we’ve rounded up some helpful staycation tips and creative ideas to turn your staycation with kids into an enriching experience for everyone in the family.

7 Creative Staycation Ideas for Families
Ready to map out your summer break staycation? Keep your kids’ minds and bodies active with these entertaining staycation ideas for families.

1. Camp at home.
Home is more fun when it doesn’t look like home! Build a pillow fort, have a kid-friendly picnic, toast s’mores over an open fire or even set up a tent in your own backyard.

2. Take a “learning road trip.”
To show your kids that you don’t have to be in a classroom to learn new things, plan a mini road trip complete with fun homemade maps and healthy on-the-go goodie bags. Even though some road trip destinations might be less accessible this summer, there are still fun outdoor options:

  • Used bookstores
  • Botanical gardens
  • Zoos
  • State or national parks

3. Set playdates.
Healthy snack plates, fun social time for the kids and an opportunity for parents to chat about their kids’ latest shenanigans? That’s a staycation win for everyone!

4. Volunteer.
Dedicating a few hours of vacation time to help others will show your kids how important volunteering really is. Do some chores for a neighbor, make homemade cards for local hospital wards or pick out groceries to stock up the community food pantry.

5. Film a family TV show.
With your mobile phone and a little imagination, you can make your kids the star of their favorite reality TV show, whether that’s MasterChef Junior or America’s Got Talent. You’ll not only encourage creative thinking but also preserve some truly priceless memories!

6. Explore the outdoors.
Play catch, watch the sunset, go on a plant-finding expedition…anything that gets your little ones exploring the great outdoors.

7. Have a movie marathon.
Settle into the sofa, set out some healthy alternatives to junk food and host a day of movies and PJs. Make it even more amusing by sticking to your children’s favorite cinematic themes like dinosaurs, fairy tale princesses or outer space.

Survival Tips for a Staycation With Kids

Don’t just survive your staycation with kids; use these simple tips to make your week at home an experience to remember.

1. Make plans with your kids.
Sit down with your kids and pick out some activities together! Planning the week collaboratively will make your kids feel included and will help you choose activities that they’re excited about, hopefully helping to prevent any tantrums among the younger ones. Just like the dinner table, vacations usually run more smoothly when kids know what to expect!

Don’t feel like you need to plan every single minute, either—just choose a few bigger items and then leave time for relaxation and spontaneity.

2. Have back-up activities ready.
No matter how many plans you’ve set on the calendar, you’ll likely experience a few cries of “Mom, dad, I’m bored!” When active feet and curious minds are looking for something to do, having a list of go-to activities will help reduce last-minute stress.

Fortunately, these back-up plans don’t have to be anything major! Try playing a board game, starting a puzzle, reading a new book, walking to the park or making homemade granola with whatever you have in the pantry.

3. Stock up on easy snacks.
Whether you’re running around town or having a dance-off at home, the last thing you want to do is stop the fun and games just to find something to eat. Make snack time easy by setting out an independent snack station—one of our favorite kid-friendly kitchen organization hacks.

Fill the station with wholesome snacks that your children can grab at any time:

  • Whole grain crackers
  • Air-popped popcorn
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Veggie sticks and hummus
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Turkey jerky

Want to stock up on more than just snacks? Nurture Life can save the day with healthy kids meals, ready to serve in 2 minutes or less. Order a week’s worth of Nurture Life’s pre-made meals so that you never have to push pause on your staycation with kids.

4. Set aside some “me time.”
As you consider how to plan a staycation for your family, don’t forget about you! After all, you can’t have fun with the family if you’re so frazzled that you can’t think straight. If possible, plan at least one activity that will give you some alone time, whether that’s a morning playdate at a friend’s or an evening of babysitting by family.

Whatever you do on your summer break staycation, we hope that these tips will help you have more fun and less stress. With just a little planning and a lot of flexibility, you’ll show your little ones that the most important part of vacation is spending time together—and that’s something you can do anywhere!


Ideal Hotel Suitable for Staycation


Ideal Hotel Suitable for Staycation – The monsoon season is here and you’re stuck at home because you can’t travel anywhere. Why not pamper yourself with luxurious facilities and enjoy a stay-cation break at one of the hotels in Yangon, especially since it’s the promotions season! You definitely deserve a break after all the hard work. We must “Work hard, play hard”, right?

Belmond Governor’s Residence: Governor’s Staycation

Enjoy a relaxing break at our 5-star heritage hotel and garden oasis and in the heart of Yangon. Now through September 30, the “Governor’s Stay-cation Package” includes an overnight stay with Governor’s Breakfast, pool use, 30% spa discount, and choice of a 3-course lunch or dinner by Executive Chef Ban. With $180++ per room per night based on single or double occupancy. This offer is exclusively for residents of Myanmar (locals and expats).

Chatrium Royal Lake Yangon: Flash Sale

Take advantage of their remarkable and receive exclusive rates for your stay. You will be provided with complimentary daily buffet breakfast, a fruit plate, in-room WIFI, guaranteed early check-in and late check-out. If booked through the hotel website, you will receive 20% discount on spa, 5% discount on food and beverage and 10% discount on buffet dinner at The Emporia Restaurant.

Novotel Yangon Max

Guests can enjoy a 30% ,40% or 50% discount on the FULL RATE applicable on the dates selected when booking. The offers are only available to members of Le Club AccorHotels program.

Jasmine Palace Hotel: Monsoon Season Promotion

ffer valid from now through September 30th. With 89 USD for Superior Room and 99 USD for Deluxe Room, you can also take advantage of its facilities such as a 10% discount on Laundry, 10% discount on Food & Beverage, International Buffet Breakfast, Complimentary Wireless Internet Access, Complimentary use of Gym & Swimming Pool, Happy Hour at J-Bar, Free upgrade for minimum stay of 3 night, as well as late check out until 2:00 p.m.

Rose Garden: Monsoon Promotion
Don’t let the rain get you down and blue, stay at the Rose Garden Hotel at US 80.00 for Superior Room or US 125.00 for Bamboo Executive. Rates quoted include breakfast for two, Wi-Fi internet and use of the swimming pool.

Esperado Lake View Hotel: Weekend Promotion (Only Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

From July 30th to Sept 30th stay at the Esperado Lake View Hotel with Full Board for $95Nett per night. The Premier Lake View Room facing Kandawgyi Lake View includes the International Buffet for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with traditional Set for 2paxs, and Half Board for $85Nett per night (also Premier Room facing with Kandawgyi Lake View) includes the International Buffet for Breakfast and Dinner with traditional Set for 2paxs.
Enjoy the Kandawgyi view and use the hyper speed of internet in Esperado Lake View Hotel.