3 Staycation Ideas the Whole Family Will Enjoy

3 Staycation Ideas the Whole Family Will Enjoy – Having a Staycation rather than a Vacation is a very good idea this year.

Here I’ll share 3 unique and FUN ideas that will make you glad you stayed home! And make sure you take lots of pictures of the things you do and see… just as if you were vacationing out of town… and then make a Staycation Scrapbook!

Be a tourist in your own town

You can enjoy all the fun and excitement your city has to offer using your ‘home’ as if it were your hotel in a different city. Contact your local Visitors Bureau and ask for brochures of featured attractions… and watch the local paper for listings of upcoming events. And don’t forget to take pictures for your scrapbook!

Spend the Afternoon at an All-Inclusive Family Fun Center

These facilities offer a large variety of activities for all ages – bowling, miniature golf, pinball machines, and arcade games – and everything is included in the General Admission fee. Although the fee may seem high, consider all the ways (and hours!) you’ll be spending there and you’ll realize what a bargain it actually is. Remember to bring the camera with film specifically for indoor pictures – or an extra disc for those with digital cameras.

Make It a Week Of Special Events

If funds are very limited and you can’t afford to be a ‘tourist’ then make sure you alter your routines so you feel like you’re on vacation. Here’s a couple of activities that would be fun to do… and great to photograph for your scrap book!

Make it Crazy Dinner Day – prepare and eat breakfast items for your evening meal
One day is Family Day – everyone takes a walk together, plays in the park, visits the botanical gardens… anything that is free and the family can do together
For one meal, it’s Inside Outside Nidner (that’s “dinner” inside-out!) Clothes must be worn inside out, or you wear outdoors clothes (coats + mittens + boots)

Now you have 3 great Staycation ideas. And making your scrapbook of this year’s Staycation will be a great family activity too. It doesn’t have a be a big book, even a Mini Scrapbook with 5 or 6 pages would be fun. If fact, because they’re small, each family member can make their own

If you plan correctly, your Staycation could be even more fun than last year’s Vacation and it certainly will be more economical. And who knows… it could become a new family tradition. I hope you’re inspired to think up your own great ideas for a Staycation the whole family will enjoy!

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